712 Interviews? 2005

The work was realised in collaboration with students of the International Migration and Ethnic Relations (IMER) Department at Malmö University, which had developed empirical studies dealing with issues of integration. Gunilla Holmlin, Sofia Karlsson, and Linda Harju conducted a study on recruitment managers and the recruitment process in both the public and the private sector. Araz Zeighami researched into segregation and its possible links to criminality. Ramin Baghir-Zada looked at a possible relationship between multicultural policy and the problems of labour market integration of immigrants. The discussions with the participants concentrated on the studies and their research methods. The interviews were transcribed and compressed to one-and-a-half pages. The texts were then further shaped by the participants and re-recorded in a sound studio. The images show different phases of the making of the video, while the sound consists of summaries of the interviews.

Two-channel video installation, 16 min, 4:3, colour, sound


Installation: Projection, 76 x 206 cm, three chairs, scripts

With: Ramin Baghir-Zada, Linda Harju / Gunilla Holmlin / Sofia Karlsson, Araz Zeighami

Camera: Kristina Kvalvik

Colourist: Matti Isan Blind

Sound design: Simon Möller, Thomas Wallmann

Produced for In 2052 Malmö Will No Longer Be Swedish, Rooseum, Malmö

Installation photograph: Thorsten Hallscheidt / Badischer Kunstverein, Karlsruhe