In the Beginning There Was Cultural Identity (Laura Horelli. Simon Tjimbawe) 2023

Ombazu yaKouHerero yazikama okuza kororowa. A studio in Berlin-Kreuzberg. Simon Tjimbawe has chosen this location to answer questions sent by a museum in Braunschweig. The museum is exhibiting Chief Kahimemua’s belt, which will be soon given back to Namibia. Kahimemua was an Ovambanderu leader, who was executed by Germans in 1896. His descendants are related to Tjimbawe’s family.

HD video, 8 min, 16:9, colour, sound

German with Otjiherero or English subtitles

Questions: Dr. Peter Joch, Dr. Rainer Hatoum

Translation into Otjiherero: Edwin Ngutjiua Tjiramba

Colour Correction: Till Beckmann

Produced for the exhibition “Am Anfang war der Gurt”, Städtische Museen Braunschweig

Photo: Dirk Scherer