Gerhard Friedl / Laura Horelli
The “Frontier” Owners 2009

The longer the employee has worked in one hotel, the more rights s/he has in choosing the shift, the lenght of paid holidays etc. Changing workplace means starting all over again. There are lenght of employment, as well as department seniorities.

Steady Extra
A part time employee, who is called in when extra help is needed at the hotel. Might have two or three constant shifts a week. Most steady extras hope to raise to a full-time position. The pay is lower and it is difficult to have a second job, as one has to be on constant call.

HD video, 21 min, 16:9, colour, sound


With: Geoconda Arguello Kline, D. Taylor, Maggie Carlton, Pearl Rodriguez, Melinda Southall, Londy Martinez, Patricia Dough

Filmed at: Culinary Union Local 226, Las Vegas, December 2007

Special thanks to: Ted Pappageorge, Ann Kaneko, Amie Williams

Produced with the support of Villa Aurora, Los Angeles/Berlin