Japanese English Advertising Slogans 2000

The video installation is based on English slogans on Japanese product packaging. Japanese packaging often includes English less to convey a clear advertising message and more as a graphic element. From these advertising slogans, Laura Horelli constructed short dialogues performed by Japanese amateur actors in a soap-opera style. The projected video is set in four everyday settings (the bathroom, office, café and kitchen) and uses slogans from products, which could exist in that setting. A monitor placed next to the projection displays stills of the products with the slogans used in the particular dialogues.

Two-channel video installation, 9 min 20 s, colour, sound

Installation: Projection, monitor and speakers

Cast: Tomoko Kobayashi, Manami Matsubara, Noriyuki Tsuji, Kayo Yamamoto

Produced for Artist-in-Residence, AIAV, Yamaguchi

Installation photograph: Michihiro Ota